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Charles Diamonds
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With out a doubt Mr. Charles "Diamond" Pennywell is one of the unsung innovators of the annuals of American music. Recording for the "TIC TOC" and "SMASH" record labels in the 50's, Charles enjoyed several regional hits which included "WEB OF LOVE" & "YOUR LONESOME NOW" just to name a couple.

Even in his teens he demonstrates his unique and strong Southern influence reminiscent of early Fats Domino and other Southern artists that were able to crossover from Louisiana R&B to Do Wop and Rock. From the beginning producers took advantage of Charles tantalizing phrasing and teamed him with the likes of Jerry Reed, Ray Stevens and Katie Webster.

Today, Mr. Diamond's Recordings are true collectors items and can cost between Three Hundred and a $1,000 per recording.

Mr. Diamond's show termed a "CLASS ACT" by people in the business. "It's Smooth and Glitzy and Never Fails to Leave His Audience Mesmerized!"

Charles along with his band have been an entertainment attraction for many years. They have toured through out the United States and Overseas. Their amazing performances, includes an electric line-up of excellent musicians. With each members own unique grace in performing makes a sensational act. By Bring one down "Memory Lane" with a "Blast From the Past!" With renditions of songs by great artists of the 50's 60's & early 70's era!

Recapturing the sound ..... reforming his group, they are on tour and playing enthusiastic crowds everywhere!

You don't want to miss the new "CHARLES DIAMOND SHOW!

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